Universal Robot E-Serie UR10


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Simply get started in robotics with Universal Robobts. The 6-axis robots of the Danish manufacturer Universal Robots are characterized by their collaborative operation and thus easy programming. To program a path movement, simply make the robot “free” with the help of a button, move it to the desired position by muscle power and save the point in the program. This simple procedure makes it possible to create the first program in minutes and to carry out the first tests in production. The simplicity of the whole programming environment is very easy to learn the robot without having to fear to break something. This allows a good integration into production processes without long and expensive training. OH-au2mate equips you with all necessary components for a complete system, takes over the integration as well as a briefing in the basics.

In our system concepts the robots become cheaper, please ask us.

Technical data

Working radius 1300mm
Payload 10kg
Weight 28.9kg
Speed 120°/s, 180°/s, ca 1m/s
Repeat accuracy ±0.05mm
Joints 6
Collaborative operation Collaborative operation after: EN ISO 13849:2008 PL d EN ISO 10218-1:2011, section 5.4.3
Assembly horizontal, vertical, hanging

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