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Robot cell ARCTEC- start with our UR-welding cell into standard and CE-coform robotics! The cell is extremely compact, transportable and comes to you as a ready-to-use welding system with a Universal Robots UR10e-Series. The system is delivered completely assembled and ready for welding and can be transported by a forklift truck from the truck to the installation site.


The basis of the machine is a Siegmund welding table 2000mm x 1000mm with a stable base frame as an all around closed cell with suction hood in the roof. The welding technology is permanently installed on the frame and is freely accessible.


The robot stands on a base “baseONE” behind the welding table, so you have the whole table at your disposal.


On the front side a pneumatic lifting door is installed and on each side there is a wing door.


In the cell we can optionally install a torch cleaning station from Abicor Binzel – model TCS, suction system or rotary axes.


The package is rounded off by built-in LED work lights and status bars.


In this system concept we integrate welding technology according to the customer’s wishes, independent of the manufacturer, and can therefore respond specifically to your needs. If you wish, we can weld both MAG and TIG on the same robot by means of tool change in this system.

Technical facts

Technical facts

workspace 2000mm x 1000mm  

optional accessories


rotateONE rotary axis Torch cleaning station X-Fume suction + 11.800,00€ +2.480,00 € + 4.375,00 €

Scope of delivery

Standard scope of delivery

  • Universal Robot UR10 e Series, 6 axes, 10kg payload, 1300mm radius of action
  • Welding protection cover for robots
  • operateONE - ergonomic operating concept
  • Torch holder holdONE incl. Freedrive
  • welding table 2000mm x 1000mm
  • pneumatic lifting door and side doors
  • System completely assembled and integrated
  • technical documentation + CE-confirmation

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