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The foot pedal operateFOOT offers an easy way to move a Universal Robot (CB-Series or e-Series) with both hands to a desired position. You can easily enter the Freedirve mode of the robot by pressing the foot pedal. The Freedrive is a kind of floating position in which you can simply pull the robot to a position. This special feature of collaborating robots makes programming a breeze. The rubber feet of the teach pedal provide safe handling on many surfaces. The connection to the desired robot UR3, UR5 or UR10 is very easy and fast with the operating instructions included in the delivery. In the standard version, the Freedrive pedal is delivered with an open cable end. A mounting plate for the robot or the connection to the operateONE control unit is available as an option.

Technical data

Switching contacts 1 Normally open contact
Cable length 6m
Dimensions(LxBxH) 198x98x73mm
Material Aluminium
Robot interface Seriell 1xIN, 24V

optional accessories

UR mounting plate + 80,00€
Cable end with plug (for use with mounting plate or operateONE) + 15,00€
Cable protection plastic + 20,00€

Scope of delivery

  • Foot pedal operateFOOT
  • 5m cable to robot controller/operateONE
  • operating instructions


Manual Data sheet

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