CRP-RH20-10-W incl. welding technology


CRP-RH-20-10-W industrial standard welding robot

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6-axis welding robot made in China – top quality at a good price-performance ratio.

the industrial robot has a reach of 1920mm and can be installed on a base or overhead. The robots are specially equipped and developed for welding.

The robots have a hollow shaft for the torch hose package. On the back of the robot base there are all connections for gas, electricity, welding current and cooling water for easy installation. The supply media are mainly led through the arms.

The robot is easy to program and very clear to operate. Convince yourself and visit us.

CRP Teach Panel

OH-au2mate equips the systems with all necessary components for their use, takes care of the integration as well as an instruction in the basics of programming the robot and the welding process. The robot can be equipped with linear axis or positioning.

Each robot is equipped with a water-cooled pulse/double pulse MEGMEET power source. Alternatively, all other manufacturers can be integrated. A water-cooled version with crashbox is used as torch.

The control software can be set in English or German.

CRP Control system

The robot is delivered with software for oscillation and Touch Sense.

The integration of a torch cleaning station is also possible as an option, as is the combination with laser tracking.


Technical data

Working radius 1920mm
Payload 10kg
Weight 288kg
Speed 170°/s, 520°/s
Repeat accuracy ±0.08mm
Joints 6
Assembly standing, hanging

Range of motion

Bewegungsbereich Roboter

Scope of delivery

  • CRP robot CRP-RH20-10-W
  • Control module
  • Teachpanel
  • Quick start button
  • Megmeet Power Source
  • Wire feeding unit
  • Hose package
  • Collision protection
  • operating instructions

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